Monday, January 26, 2009

Yep, It's Broken

So I just got back from the ER and pharmacy. I did break my toe. Right about where it joins my foot. Luckily they did not have to reset it. They "buddy taped" it to the toes next to it to straighten it up. They also put me in a "post-op surgery shoe". I'm stylin' now. :) The pain meds and anti-inflammatory are finally starting to kick in so I can sort of think straight again. I called the dentist from the ER to cancel/change the appointment I had for today at 2pm and then had to call them back later when I realized that I didn't leave my name on the answering machine. I was hurting so bad from hobbling myself up to the ER from the parking lot that I could hardly think straight. This post-op shoe may not be pretty but it sure does help keep my toe from moving around too much. Good stuff!

One Hell of a Weekend

So I was going to post about all the work we did in the boys room this weekend but that is going to have to wait. I have pics to post as well. Instead, I have a bunch of craptastic stuff to post about.

1. Houston busted his lip again ... on Brody's head. They were horsing around on the couch on Saturday evening. He has a nice swollen, scabbed lip now.
2. On Sunday, our rooster attacked Brody. Seriously. Somehow by the grace of God his eye was not damaged. I'll post a picture. Needless to say we no longer have a rooster in the back yard. Houston and the rooster ran into each other on Friday and the rooster sort of freaked out and tried to attach Houston. We should have realized. I feel bad about it but we can't have a bird in our back yard that can't be around kids. Brody ran in the house crying and we could tell something was really wrong. Then we saw ...
3. Sunday evening I was on one of my decluttering missions (so i was walking fast) and cracked my toe on the couch. I'm sure it's broken ... I heard it snap. Brett had to help me to the recliner and that is where I stayed, crying and icing my foot for the remainder of the night. Tried to get up this morning to take Houston to school but couldn't do it. I'm about to take myself to the ER to get it checked out. It's blue up into my foot and I'm a little concerned about how the toe is sitting sort of turned. That and there is intense pain in one spot when I try to walk on it. It is where the toe joins to the foot. I did some interent searching and found that I probably should go have it checked out in case it needs to be put back in place.
4. Brody fell this morning ... landed on his chin and took a big chunk out of his cheek. His mouth filled with blood pretty quickly. I thought he bit through his lip but I couldn't find the cut. Finally saw it ... ouch! It has stopped bleeding though so he's all good. Now he has a bruise on his chin to go with the rooster scratches on his face and back.

I swear we are good parents. Really ... however, our kids look like they have been through a big fight or something. Good grief!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wacky Tacky Day

It was Wacky Tacky Day at The Blake School today. This is how Houston went to school. :)

And here's his planet project we had to turn in today. He was assigned Venus. He learned that Venus has no moons, is the brightest star in our sky and that is has a very thick atmosphere. He also found a new use for some of mama's spinning wool ... clouds! :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Please Help Save Small Businesses

Check out this issue:

I Promise I'm Still Blogging ....

I've just been super busy and preoccupied. I will blog something decent when I get some time. Right now I'll leave you with something that has really changed my life over the past week.