Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Leprechaun Catcher

Houston had to build a Leprechaun Catcher for school this week. We had a blast with this project.

Leprechaun's love gold and rainbows ....

The rainbow leads the way ...

Look, gold!

The trap door ....

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Houston ... Future Engineer?

So yesterday after I picked Houston up from school we headed out to the back yard to lay in the sun. Had to take advantage of a gorgeous 70 degree day as we haven't had many of those lately. Well I loaded a few Circuits I lectures from MIT's opencourseware site onto my Blackberry and decided to watch one while I was laying in the sun. (reason for this in a later post) If you want to learn about anything that is taught at MIT I highly recommend their opencourseware site. You can download lecture videos, assignments, tests, course notes ... just about anything for any subject. So back to the story ... Houston, as Houston does, wanted to do what I was doing so he got another lawn chair and set up next to me in the back yard. I started watching the first lecture and he was like "what is that and why does he talk funny?" ... professor has an accent. Well then he had to see what was going on so he leaned over to watch. Kid was totally fascinated. I couldn't believe how long it held his attention. Then he started asking a bunch of questions like "is that high school?" and "do they have a playground?" ... funny stuff. I thought for sure he would get bored at any minute and go do something else. Nope. He wanted to sit in my lap so he could see better. He ended up sitting there watching the entire 41 minute lecture. I couldn't believe it. Houston has the attention span of a doorknob (nonexistent, it seems). He doesn't stay focused on any one thing for long at all. (Drives me crazy most days but he learns fine and I've been told he doesn't have that problem at school.) I was done with Circuits for the day but he wanted to watch the next lecture so I told him he would be able to see better if he watched it on my computer inside. Once he knew he could watch it on a computer he was insistent that I load the lectures onto his computer. Next thing I know Houston has me adding a network card to his computer so we can get him on the internet, download iTunes and start downloading Circuits I lectures to his computer. He now has the first four lectures of the Circuits I course at MIT on his computer. I'm curious to see if he remembers it when he comes home today and also to see if he actually watches an entire lecture again. I also wish I could go to MIT. As far as Circuits I goes, this professor is quite entertaining. My Circuits teacher never tried to blow up a pickle by sending 120V into it during any lecture I made it to. ;o)