Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our First Wine Making Adventure

Mashed up blackberries that Brett and the boys picked out in the yard along with sugar and lemon ...

After primary fermentation...

Strained and ready for secondary fermentation ...

And now in the final stage ... secondary fermentation

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Interesting Article About Friendship Among Women

UCLA Study on Friendship Among Women

Very interesting article that I think all women need to read. The older I get, the more I realize how important (and necessary) female friendship is. This article makes so much sense.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Pictures

I finally took Brody for a haircut yesterday and we had some fun with the camera when we got home.

Houston loves taking pictures and took about twenty of me & Brody before I finally wrestled the camera back from him. He's actually getting very good at getting it focused and not chopping my head off in the frame.

Here's one from a couple of nights ago. The boys blowing out candles on a cake they decorated.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Little Knitting Update

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted any knitting on here. Need to fix that right quick. Here are my three current works in progress.

Handspun Socks ... Toe-Up Magic Loop (2-at-a-time on one long circular needle)

Just started these last night. Gator felted clogs for Brody. Almost done with the first one.

Handspun Alpaca Revontuli Shawl ... haven't had much time for lace knitting lately but hope to remedy that soon. I'm loving this shawl so far. Great pattern.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Houston's Surprise!

So I got home from World Wide Knit in Public Day yesterday (which was a smashing success, btw) and Brett and the boys were out in the front yard. Houston says "hey mama, look what I can do" and takes off riding his bike ... without training wheels! Brett told me the story later in the evening and here is how it goes ...

Brett was working in the yard and saw Houston going in and out of the shed a couple of times with a wrench in his hand. He went over to check it out and Houston said in a very frustrated voice ... "Ugh, I keep getting the wrong size". Brett asked what he was doing with the wrench and he said he was taking the training wheels off his bike. Brett told him he would help him as soon as he finished what he was doing. So fast forward 15 minues or so and Brett goes to walk around to the front of the house to help him out and here comes Houston riding his bike like a pro with no training wheels! So much for us teaching him how to ride a bike ... he just did it himself.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

World Wide Knit in Public Day

When: Saturday June 13, 2009 from 1-3 pm
Where: In front of The Coffee House in the Lake City Mall on US HWY 90 in Lake City, FL
Bring: Your knitting and/or crochet project, a folding chair if you have one, some cash for drinks and snacks, extra yarn and needles to teach passers by to knit. :)

I will have extra goody bags from the Jacksonville Stitch 'n Pitch. One can be yours for a $2 donation to the Needle Arts Mentoring Program.

Official website here

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Brody!

We had a fun day today, including cupcakes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Blueberry picking in the morning. Fun at the river in the afternoon. More details and pics to come.