Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm So Bummed ...

I am supposed to be up in the mountains enjoying the fall air, the changing leaves, and spending time with our friends ... but instead I am at home nursing two sick boys and a sick hubby. I'm so bummed. It's been such a rough week. The daycare called us on tuesday because Brody was vomiting. Fun, huh? And it's been down hill ever since. A high fever, vomiting (and guess what else), two trips to the doctor, chest xrays, a breathing treatment machine and breathing treatments every 4-6 hours, an antibiotic and then a steroid on top of that on the second trip to the doctor (due to less than acceptable oxygen saturation level) ... severe bronchitus (sp?) and possibly a small bit of pneumonia ... and now the poor guy has a molar coming in today making his mouth bleed. Hasn't eaten much at all since monday ... good thing he is still nursing. He seems a little better today than he did yesterday so hopefully these meds are working. So much for the Halloween costume I made him ... he had to miss out. I took Houston out trick-or-treating and then later that night he ended up with a fever too. Now today he has most of the same symptoms as Brody. Ugh! I think Brett has a sinus infection. He's finally agreed to go to the doctor so we'll find out soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I manage to stay well. Somebody has to take care of things around here! :) We've had some rough nights and I won't even tell you how many times i've been puked on so far. I certainly hope that phase of things is over. Yuck!

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