Monday, November 06, 2006

Bad Blogger

I haven't been very good about updating the blog lately. I've been a bit busy, as usual and I find the computer has a way of sucking away hours of time that I could be doing something productive. Speaking of which, I should be getting ready to head to Lowe's instead of sitting here typing. I'm planting an herb garden along a side of our fence today. I got some good info from a friend of mine last night about what herbs grow well here (Thanks Angie) and went and bought some herbs. So for a quick update on life before I head out ...
1. Pappy Tom and Grammy Lee's wedding was a lot of fun. It was so good to see family again. I got to see my aunt and uncles, grandma and cousins that I haven't seen in years. I get the warm fuzzies just thinking about it all. It's so nice to have a loving family. It's times like these when I feel lucky to have such a split up family. That side of my family took me in as their own when I was a little girl and after all that has happened I still feel like a real part of the family. That is something very special indeed. I really miss them all and wish I could see them more often.
2. Halloween was really fun this year. I dressed up as a witch. I think i'm going to start a tradition of dressing up as a witch each year to take the boys trick-or-treating. As an adult, you don't get many opportunities to play dress-up and I had forgotten how much fun it was. Houston was really into the trick-or-treating this year. We went with his cousins, Turner and Weston. Houston, as usual, followed Turner around all night and knocked on the doors and said "trick-or-treat" and then "thank you". It was cute.
3. We finally finished the bunk beds once and for all yesterday. The beds themselves have been finished for a while but we finally finished the storage drawers that go underneath. Then I organized all the little boy clothes we own (which is a lot) into the drawers. The sizes they are wearing now went in the dresser and the sizes they have grown out of and are yet to grow into went into the huge storage drawers. That's the best thing we've added to this house in a while. We are seriously lacking in the storage room department. All those clothes were previously stacked in bags in the closet in the boys room, leaving no room for other things.
4. Houston is talking more than ever although his pronunciation is not the best. We're working on it though. He has a really hard time with the "m" and "n" sounds. He calls me "ba ba" instead of "ma ma".
5. Brody is rolling around and scooting backwards around the living room floor. He lost some weight during his hand, foot and mouth illness so now he is back into 9 months size clothes but seems to be making up for it. He is eating a lot more than he used to.
6. As for Brett, he took the PE exam two fridays ago. We should get results in about 7 more weeks.
7. As for me, i'm still knitting like a fool when I can, working when I have to, and preparing for my upcoming craft show. Brett built me a stand for my dog treats yesterday. I'm going to paint it today. I finished my first pair of hand-knit socks. Very cool. Now i've started my second. I think i'm going to be addicted to sock knitting for a while now.
8. My friend Joy, who is 9 months pregnant, had a "Blessing Way" yesterday. I really, really enjoyed that. Lot's of good feminine, motherly, earthy energy and lots of great food. Joy is probably the best cook I know. She always makes really yummy stuff and she made lunch for us all yesterday. It was great to be there with some female friends without the little ones running around for a change. It gave us a chance to start a conversation and finish it without one of us having to get up to break up a toy dispute or nurse or change a diaper or .. you get the picture. It was really great to have some friend time. I've really been in need of some good friend energy like that lately. For my next pregnancy I would love to have a blessing way instead of a baby shower. And i'm going to need some good vibes sent my way next time after my birth with Brody. I'll probably have myself in a panic by the time that 40th week rolls around. What a nightmare! (Ignore that Joy ... your birth is going to be easy)

Alright ... i'm off to plant my herb garden.

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  1. I am so glad to be considered a good cook (husbands don't give the best feedback). I felt crummy but read that and feel better, thank you!!!