Friday, January 12, 2007

Poor Tater

He got neutered yesterday and has been sulking ever since. The other dogs, especailly Marzbar (the other male), keeps following him around sniffing and growling. I think Marz is trying to reclaim his position as the alpha male now that Tater is neutered too. It is so interesting (to me anyway) living with a "pack" of dogs and watching their social interaction with eachother. Maybe I should have been an animal behaviorist ... if there is such a thing. Maybe an animal behavior researcher? Whatever ... you get the point, right?

On a sad note, Tater's daddy Buster was hit and killed by a car a few weeks ago. And on a happier note, one of Tater's siblings recently had puppies so our neighbors (Buster's family) were able to get one of Buster's grand-puppies. He is also a pure-bred yellow lab. Here is a picture of Buster below. He is sadly missed around here as he came over to visit often.


  1. of course there's such a think as an animal behaviorist, that's what doug is :P

  2. i was actually thinking of you guys when i typed that. i figured you would help me out on that one. thanks rach!