Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Brett's 30th

I've been such a bad blogger lately. Brett's 30th birthday came and went without a post ... how sad. Oh well ... he doesn't read this anyway. Last Wednesday was Brett's 30th birthday. We had a surprise gathering for him at the office that evening. Nothing too crazy ... just a small enjoyable group of people along with some snacks and refreshments. I finished his birthday socks the night before .... just in time. I knew when I started those things on September 1st that I would probably be racing to finish them the night before his birthday. I actually did a little better than I thought I would. I only had to finish the toe section of one sock that night. I was so scared that I went wrong somewhere with my measurements and that they wouldn't fit just right but they actually fit perfectly. And even better ... he wore them last Friday and they didn't sag at all. I thought the cuff might sag a bit after a while but they didn't. Yay for sock knitting! :)

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