Monday, August 04, 2008


I realize I haven't done any garden or chicken updates lately. Bad news on the garden ... entire thing was eaten by a fungus. I actually had to buy squash at the grocery store last week. Just makes me sick to my stomach to talk about the situation. After the frost and the replanting and then a hale storm that sent the corn and okra down and their sides and tore big holes in the leaves of everything and then the over fertilizing "incident" ... we overcame it all only to end up with some corn and green beans and have everything else eaten by a fungus before it produced anything. We decided we need to do some rotation planting and probably move the garden to a different spot next time around. I can't believe it's summer and I'm buying squash, zucchini, cucumbers, etc. Just makes me mad.

On to happier things ... the chickens are getting big. Should only be another month or so before we have eggs. Will be interesting to see how many hens we ended up with. The Bird Man's breeding and incubation techniques supposively yield a 5:1 ratio for hens to roosters. We got 4 so we're hoping we got really lucky and got all hens. Not sure how we're going to explain it to the boys if one or more of the chickens disappear. Not sure how I'm going to deal with it myself either. I'm certainly not going to eat something I've been feeding by hand. It's things like this that will push me back into being a vegetarian.

Here's a picture taken several weeks ago.

Apparently my recent chicken picture taking didn't turn out so good. I'll have to take more and post later but i'll leave you with a couple of pics that will give you an idea of how big they've gotten.

Guess what? Chicken butt! :P (sorry ... just couldn't resist. i do this to houston quite often and it makes us both laugh. me: "hey houston, guess what?" houston: "what?" me: "chicken butt!" real mature, i know. )


  1. Hey Celena! Guess why!

    Chicken thigh!


  2. Hey! My mom got some chickens about 3 months ago. She got 10 and we think only 1 will turn out to be a rooster. She is free ranging them and hopes to have eggs in the next month or so.

    Hopefully you got lucky and have all hens!