Thursday, August 07, 2008


So i've never been much of a text messaging person. Maybe sent three my entire life. Well we just changed our cell phone plans and I now have unlimited text messaging. Anyone care to play? ;)


  1. i had to send a text message the other day and it took me over five minutes to type the thing, maybe when you figure it out you can show me :P
    till then the texting plan will be lost on me :)

  2. If you have unlimited texting, you must join! Then 'follow' me and haldechick and other goovy knittas that you can find via the people that we follow. Then you can give us all up to the minute updates on what you are doing. 140 characters or less, though. You can't get too wordy. Fun for the whole family! =)

  3. You so need to get on Twitter with Sharon and myself!