Friday, November 07, 2008

On a Fiber High ...

I've been surrounded by yarn and fiber, by spinners and knitters ... both in person and online. And ya know what? I have this constant smile on my face that follows me everywhere I go. I made a big decision recently to try and really make a go of this Rocket Yarn thing. And as soon as I did all sorts of fibery things starting falling in my lap. My sales really picked up on Etsy, I got to go give a spinning demonstration at a knitting class here in Lake City last night, I've met some other fibery people in the area and I'm going to have a table set up at a Fiber Fest in Trenton next weekend. Seriously ... I'm in heaven. :) I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone there. The woman in charge, Elle, is in a string band and they will be playing there that day. She keeps nudging me to bring my viola but I don't think I'm ready for that quite yet. Either way, even if I don't sell a thing I know i'm going to really enjoy it.

And remember that crafty group I started here in Lake City in hopes of finding some other fiber lovers in the area? Well last weekend a few of us brought our wheels and we were quite a hit at Starbucks. We had people stop in their tracks when they walked in the door. It was so funny. Several people came and sat and watched and asked a bunch of questions. It was great. And we had a new knitter join us as well. She saw my post on the Lake City Reporters online calendar. How exciting is that? There ARE other knitters here and I am finding them! The ladies at the knitting class I went to last night were really nice too and it sounds like they are going to join us as well. Yipppeeeee! :)

As far as my happiness and sense of accomplishment, this ranks right up there with my first day of work as an aerospace engineer. Driving up to Kennedy Space Center that day and going into the high bay to help run some tests on several elements of the International Space Station ... I was on cloud 9 that day. And again when I ran my first test in the cockpit of Space Shuttle Endeavor. And yet again the same with my first day after transferring to Johnson Space Center and walking into Mission Control. That sense of having done something great ... that I did all on my own. The acceptance and love of my hand dyed yarn and fiber makes me just as happy. Happy in a different way but has the same effect (affect? i can never remember which of those to use) on my mood. I honestly haven't felt this sense of accomplishment since we moved here to Lake City. I have always had an artistic side but I haven't had the perfect way to let it out until I started dyeing yarn and fiber. The engineering accomplishments say "i'm smart" or "i'm motivated" ...but the artsy stuff ... the side i've had to supress in the name of doing something "smart" that makes more money ... I just can't express how happy and fullfilled that makes me. Art comes from the inside and to have people accept it and love it and pay good money for it ... well that just makes me giddy.

What's this you ask? That would be 17 pounds of undyed yarn and fiber. And I have about 20 pounds more on its way to me.

And this funky looking pvc thing? This is a skeinwinder that my awesome husband built for me.

And I will leave you with some crafty pics ...


  1. cool! glad you found some local fiber buds :-)

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for comming to the knitting class! Good luck in Trenton- I will be visiting your etsy store soon! Your yarn is so pretty and needs to live at my house! -Jodi