Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look What Wandered Up

So if you don't live around here and haven't been watching the news ... it rained here for like 10 days straight. Maybe even more. It was ridiculous. I'm blaming the turtle incident on the rain. That's really all I can think of. While it's true that we see all kinds of wild (and not so wild) life around here, a turtle I have not seen. And well ... it just seems odd. Check out what wandered up our driveway ...


  1. Oh how wonderful! I grew up with "wild turtles" and we always enjoyed them--except for the snapping turtle my Uncle found along the road--home to impress upon me that it was only a name and the turtle did not actually snap--he took a finger and thrust it at the turtle saying SEE! It snapped--at least the legend that they don't let go until it thunders was not true! We fed our turtle’s lettuce and other veggies--and they stuck around for as long as they did--very low maintenance as pet go!

    Thanks for reminding me of a time long ago!