Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sister Hazel Rocks Again!

Andrew Copeland

Ryan Newell dripping sweat on me.

Andrew, Ryan & Ken

Cardboard versions of the guys came out first.

This is the playlist for the concert that was on the stage by Andrew's feet. We were leaning against the stage so I could read the whole thing. I didn't even zoom in to get this pic, that's how close we were.

Brett leaning against the stage waiting for the concert to start.

Signed CD inserts.

Me & Ryan Newell, lead guitarist.

Me & Ken Block, lead singer.

It was another great Sister Hazel concert. These guys never disappoint. Very talented musicians indeed! We got to meet Ken, Ryan and Jett after the concert. They were all really nice and very appreciative of our support. When I pulled out my CD inserts every one of them thanked me for buying all of their albums. They actually seemed surprised. Great guys, great night! :)

We also got to meet the opening band, Shawn Fisher and the Jukebox Gypsys. Never heard of them before but they absolutely rocked the house. Shawn has a little Steven Tyler in him for sure. Really nice guys too. We bought their CD (and had is signed of course) and I have listened to it about 15 times already. They have some new fans!

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