Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Houston!

I can't believe Houston turns 5 today. Wow do the years go fast. He is such a great kid and I enjoy every minute with him. He's turning into quite the conversationalist. :) He starts Kindergarten on Monday and I start teaching at his school. I'm really excited to be teaching with my kids. I think we're going to have some great years together. I'm teaching high school level Earth Space Science to the entire middle school (10 students total ages 10 - 14) and I'm teaching Alebra II to one high school senior. I'm really looking forward to following the Montessori method and seeing what these kids can do. I got to meet them at orientation yesterday and I think they are excited too. We have lots of fun things planned that you just can't do when you are teaching 35+ kids in a public school. We're going to plant trees for Earth Day, have astronomy sessions at night to find constellations and map the craters on the moon, we're going down to UF to the observatory ..... so many things and I am really looking forward to it all!

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