Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The First Day of School

We all had a great first day of school. Houston was a big help to the younger kids and Brody just fit right in like he had been there for years. His teacher was amazed at how good he was. I had a great day too. My students are great. So polite and respectful. I didn't even get any moans and groans when I gave an assignement on the first day of school. This private school thing is going to take some getting used to ... but in a good way! I love it so far. What a great facility and a great program. I told my students how lucky they are that their parents send them somewhere like this. And as a teacher, to have anything I need at my disposal is amazing. We had a great talk in science about our plans for the year. The kids have some great ideas too. Lots of good things ahead and hopefully a fun learning adventure for all. I'm really happy that life has lead me here. I love the Montessori method and am super excited to learn all I can about it. I went to a Montessori school through 3rd grade and I really attribute that to my success in school. Just thinking about this method with only 10 kids in a science class makes me very happy. The possibilities are endless. :)

Getting ready ... dress blues for the first day of school

Dress blues for mama too!

Houston & Brody ringing the bell for the start of the school year

The flag ceremony

Heading back to class ...

Staying busy in mama's classroom at the end of the day so she can get some things done

Brody had a big day and was so tired. He came into my classroom and asked if he could lay down.

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