Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Brody napping

Houston waking Brody up ... again

The Crews Family

Brody taking a bath

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jane Austen

I've really gotten back into reading over the past couple of years. I used to read all the time when I was younger. I think having to read so many textbooks in college took me away from it for a while. The last thing I wanted to do when I had a break from school was stick my nose in another book. I rediscovered my love of reading while nursing Houston. I found I was watching way too much of the boob tube as I sat there nursing most of the day for the first several months. (Big babies eat a LOT ... trust me, I have much experience in that area.) I got tired of watching my "stories" and finally picked up a book. Since then, I can't even count how many books I have read. To name a few ... the first five Harry Potter books, all four of Dan Brown's books, a couple of cheesy romance novels, and lately two of Jane Austen's books ... which brings me to the point of this post ... I was really disappointed with Sense & Sensibility, which I finished reading today. I read Pride & Prejudice a few months ago, which I loved. And the movie is great too. I've watched it three times in the past month.
I was "supposed to" read these books in high school but could never get into them. For some reason, I am now able to read them and enjoy them. Even though I was disappointed in S&S, I could not put it down. Not sure if that makes sense or not but oh well. Now i'm looking for something else to read before I read Emma. Something unlike a Jane Austen novel. I would really love to find another author similar to Dan Brown to read. I really enjoyed all of his books. Anyone have any suggestions for me?


For those of you who left comments that never showed up, they should be there now. I'm supposed to get an email when someone leaves a comment so I can review it (in case it's spam) before it gets posted. For some reason, I stopped getting those emails. I just went to my comments moderation page and found a whole bunch of comments just waiting to make it on our blog. So .... they are there and now I know to check that out more often. :-)

Brody went for his first boat ride on father's day.

Father's Day 2006


More alert every day

Friday, June 16, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

the boys

mama and brody

same cheeks, same nose

Grumpy boys off to see the pediatrician

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jessica (midwife) with Brody about an hour after he was born.

Brody, 2 days old

Brody Forrest Crews, almost two days old.

Brody with his daddy

Brody and Houston

Papa, Houston and Brody

Brody Forrest Crews ... all 12 pounds of him!

Jessica, Lynne and Brody

Brody Forrest Crews

He is finally here! Brody Forrest Crews was born Friday, June 9th at 2:10 pm weighing in at an even 12 pounds .... yes, I said 12 pounds. He and I are both doing great. My midwives were both wonderful and once again, Brett was awesome. This was a very tough labor and birth for me as Brody was turned the wrong way and seemed to be stuck on my pelvis for a while. This caused continuous pain for me with no relief between contractions. After pushing for what felt like forever and trying every position in the book, I was finally able to push him into the birth canal. In the end it was a great home birth and by not being at the hospital, I avoided a c-section. There is no way I would have been able to do what I needed to do to get him out if I were in the hospital, especially not without my midwives, Jessica and Lynne.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

41 weeks and still counting ....

Okay, so I'm not surprised that I went past my due date ... but I am very surprised that I am sitting here typing this seven days after my due date, still pregnant. What gives? I'm beyond uncomfortable and i'm really ready to meet the little one that i've been carrying around for so long. We went to walmart to pick up a new kiddie pool for Houston today and I had two different people ask me if I was carrying twins! And as usual, I had several different people ask me when I'm due because I look like i'm "ready to pop". Also got some advice from some older women as to what to do to get myself into labor. I heard one i've never even heard before from a woman who says she had fourteen children. She said drink a cup of really strong coffee with nothing else in it and sit in a very warm bath. At this point i'm considering it, even though I don't drink coffee anymore except an occasional cup of decaf. I've tried every other old home ready in the book besides castor oil ... and I really hope it doesn't come to that. I will do it to avoid going to the hospital to be induced but I really hope I don't have to. I'm getting uncomfortably close to that 42 week mark. If i'm still pregnant on tuesday I have to go to labor & delivery at AGH in Gainesville for a non-stress test. Walking into a maternity ward in a hospital while pregnant may be just enough to scare me into going into labor ... then I can head right back to the car and back home to Lake City to have this baby! My midwife is getting married on Saturday so I may have to pull out the castor oil on thursday if the visit to the hospital doesn't work. Honestly I just hope it happens tonight on its own so I don't have to deal with any of that!
Well that's enough rambling from me. I think i'm gonna head out to the kiddie pool to join Houston and the dogs in the 90 degree heat.