Monday, February 04, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Home again with sick kids for the fourth week in a row. They were fine, other than the cough that refuses to go away, until last night. We went to watch the super bowl with some friends and Houston fell asleep early (should have been a clue that he didn't feel good) and woke up part way through the game with a fever. Ugh! And again in the middle of the night. He's actually still sleeping right now at 9:30am which is odd. Brett and I have been talking about it and it seems that part, if not most, of the problem may in fact be our house. They haven't been to daycare or many places outside the house at all for the past few weeks and yet they are sick again. I've already disinfected the house a couple of times to get rid of the pink eye but it looks as if we need to do a thorough down-on-the-knees with buckets of bleach water scrubbing of the house and toys.

In other news, my sister-in-law had a baby girl this morning. 9 lbs 9 oz .... we sure do make 'em big around here. :) Between she and I, all five of our kids were over nine pounds at birth. We were hoping to go see her tonight but I may be stuck home with a sick kid.

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