Thursday, December 04, 2008


So apparently there has been an issue with leaving comments on my blog. I've heard from five different family members over the past week that they tried leaving comments on my blog but were not able to. This is a serious bummer because I love getting comments. It lets me know that people are actually bothering to check here once in a while and makes me want to keep posting more often. So I changed some of my comment settings so there is no moderation and you don't have to log in or anything. I'll try this for a while and see if I start getting spam comments again. So if you've tried leaving me a comment and haven't been able to or you think you did but it never showed up ... please give it a try again and let me know if it doesn't go through. You should get a confirmation that your comment posted and now that I have removed comment moderation you should be able to check the post right after leaving the comment and see it there.

ETA: thanks to this blog post for helping me figure out how to expand the width of posts in my blog. now if i can just figure out how to center my header i'll be a happy blogger. :)


  1. OK!! I tried twice just now and the second try worked! I did nothing different the second time ....... hmmmmmm

  2. I have tried leaving comments before...will it work this time???

  3. Oh- it did. That last comment was Laura W. :)