Wednesday, December 03, 2008


What a past week it has been. It's flown by too. We had a great turkey day and day-before-turkey-day party. A little subdued from last year but nice all the same. Pictures to come when I get a chance. Seems I've been chasing myself around ever since trying to get a bunch of stuff done but somehow don't feel like I've finished anything ... decorations up, fiber dyed, other crafty things made and listed to etsy, working on the rocket yarn blog so I can put more pics of the kids and less of yarn on here (thereby getting fewer complaints from certain family members), yada yada yada. Prepping for the yardsale on saturday, Houston's dentist appointment today in which we were informed he needs about $2400 worth of work on his mouth. Merry Christmas to us! sense the sarcasm Poor kid had no chance with how bad mine and Brett's baby teeth were and mine still are. We brush his teeth twice a day and use a flouride rinse but his molars are all caving in. Fun, huh? Yep ... so he's going to have silver caps on his molars for the next ten years until they fall out. And I almost had the Care Credit bill paid off from all of my dental work earlier this year. Ugh! Oh well ... In other news ... we got our first chicken egg today!!!! Yipppeee! So hopefully no more buying eggs at the store. We now have our very own super healthy home grown eggs. :)

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