Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Say It Ain't So ....

I swear I know how to take good care of my teeth. I really do. And I brush the boys teeth twice a day and we use a fluoride rinse. Apparently that is not enough. Apparently letting them snack during the day is making their teeth look "like swiss cheese". Apparently any time anything but slobber touches their teeth we have to brush them. Also not having fluoride in our water because we are on well water is also part of the problem. Brett and I just have to wonder .... Was everyone running around with rotten teeth before city fluorinated water??? We just don't get it. Brett grew up on well water and his teeth were not "swiss cheese". The pediatric dentist keeps saying it is soda and sugary juices and bad diet. It took me three appointments to get through to him that we do not keep soda in the house and that they don't drink crappy sugar-filled juice all the time. Once I finally got through to him on the third visit and was able to deepen the discussion he asked if they snack a lot. Of course they do! They are growing boys and they eat all the time. So now he says that is the problem, especially if they snack on grapes and bananas. "Three square meals a day and no snacks" he said. Yeah right! Thankfully his assistant and my endodontist were more willing to talk to me about other ways around this since they are both mothers. They said brush after each snack and follow everything with water. Houston is done with his dental work and now Brody needs $1700 worth of work. This includes a $750 sedation fee because he is not down with letting the dentist work in his mouth. And on top of that ... I went back to the endodontist today and one of my three root canals from earlier this year (remember the ones with no cavaties but dyeing roots) has not healed at all. Now I have to have a $1450 surgery to remove the problem. I feel like running through the yard with my arms in the air yelling "FRUSTRATION"!!!!! Anyone care to join me?


  1. Times like these I like to think of George Castanza's father on Seinfeld: "Serenity Now!"

  2. I will run with you, except I will scream "HOLY CRAP!!!!!!"