Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Do Your Part

I took a few minutes this morning to email my senators and representative to share my thoughts on the stimulus bill. I think it would be great if you all did the same. You can go to and to contact them. Remember this is our government and it is about time they start listening to us. It has become obvious over the past couple of days that there are many politicians voting "yes" on this bill while not even being aware of many of the spending provisions in it. We should not act hastily to bury our children in debt. Just my two cents. Here is what I sent ... copy at will if you feel the same:

I'm writing to request that you please vote "no" on the rescue plan. It is obvious that neither the American people or the politicians in Washington are aware of everything in this bill. This is something that we should do with caution and scrutiny, not hastily just to "get something done". There are many items in this bill that have no place in a "stimulus" bill. Please do not vote to bury my children in debt. Spending money we do not have is not a good policy. We Americans would greatly appreciate it if the politicians in Washington could get some control on their spending just as we have had to do in these tough economic times. Wasteful spending is not going to help anyone.

Thank you for your time,
~Celena Crews

And please, if you do not feel the same as I do on this, do not post negative comments saying so. This is my blog so I am sharing my opinion. I've had some really rude crap happen over on facebook regarding politics and I just don't have any more energy to expend on replying to people lambasting other peoples points of view. This is America and we all have a right to our opinion. Hatespeak is not constructive, will get you nowhere and will cause me to lose all respect I may have for you. I'm not opening up a political dialoge here ... this is just something I feel we should all contact our politicians on ... whether you are for it or against it. It is about time we take our country back from out-of-control politicians. If you are capable of civil discourse and would like to have a constructive conversation on the issue ... call or email me.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming of kids, yarn, pianos, home improvement projects, wicked roosters and the like ...


  1. I sent them my email last week. I think it is great to encourage people to get involved.
    P.S. My opinion was just about the same as yours!