Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Update

So I just got back from Christmas shopping Gainesville. I have everything for the boys and almost everything for Brett so i'm doing pretty good. I ended up getting the boys a vsmile video game system which i'm pretty excited about. I was debating this one for a while ... on one hand I thought that maybe I shouldn't get them something that encourages them to sit on their hineys inside but then I thought about how computer oriented our society is and how it will probably be good for them to figure this stuff out early. And it's an educational game system ... no grand theft auto here! And as I was looking at them in Toys 'R Us, I ran into someone I work with and they were going on and on about how great it is with their 3-year-old and then someone else nearby chimed in and before I knew it there was a group of vsmile loving parents talking about how great this thing is. So I took that as a sign and put one in my buggy ... along with an extra joystick (for brody) and an ac power adapter (sick of batteries already) and a couple of games. And here's where you all come in ... anyone looking for something to get the boys can get them another game. I bought the Elmo and Go Diego Go games. There are several others in the 3-5 range that would be great. The boys are big fans of Cars and Nemo and they have those games too but the age range is 4-6 so I thought i'd start them off with the 3-5. There's still Noddy, Bob the Builder, and The Backyardigans that I wouldn't mind getting.

Next I went to Best Buy where I found about ten different computer programs I wanted to get Houston for his computer. I'm already at my budgeted amount for the boys so instead of buying any of these programs, I came home and added them to our Wists list. Look the the right in the sidebar to find our list. I've done some updating of the Wist list for Christmas anyway so if you are looking for ideas go check it out. Yes I know, there is the possibility that you will buy something from there that somebody else has decided to buy but I really don't see a way around that unless you want to tell me what you are buying so I can take it off the list. This time of year I get about ten different phone calls from people wanting to know what to get the boys. I've been ahead of the game this year and have been adding items to the list as I think of them. The list is much larger now so the odds of you picking the same thing as someone else should be a little smaller. And hey ... there's always that thing called exchanging. :)

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