Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Houston's First Day of School

Last night as Houston was getting ready for bed he said "Mama, I'm so excited about going to my new school tomorrow". He was busting at the seems. He had a hard time falling asleep and kept asking me to talk about what was going to happen on his first day. I laid with him scratching his back while telling him how it was all going to go. After lots of tossing and turning and me going through the story from us "waking up before the sun" to pulling up to the front door of his school where his teachers would get him out of the car about four times, he finally fell asleep. Then this morning I went in to wake him up and he popped right up and started talking about how excited he was. He was such a trooper. He flew right threw the morning routine and got all dressed up in his dress blues. I wasn't sure how the drop off was going to go but he hopped right out with the help of his teacher and walked right in to school. They do what they jokingly call their "valet service" which is really nice. I did pretty good too. Only cried a little. :) I hope he has a great day.

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  1. These pictures just melt my heart! Maybe this means I'm ready to have a kid??

    He's adorable and I hope he's enjoying school so far!