Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sock Yarn

Finally got a chance to work on my sock yarn again last night. This is roving I dyed in my MOTHER EARTH colorway but my green turned out a bit darker than normal. I think I like it that way though.

I figured out my issue with over spinning. I learned to spin on a single treadle wheel. Well my Julia is a double treadle that practically spins itself. I had to move the band to the biggest whorl and really slow down my treadling. Wala! I also just finished spinning 4 oz of lace that requires a lot of twist so I had to turn off the autopilot mode I was in and pay more attention to what I was doing.

Started plying once I finished the second single but couldn't finish it up last night. Started doing the head bob falling asleep ... not so good for even plying. ;) And as you can see ... I wasn't moving the slidy things either so the yarn is all hanging out on one end of the bobbin.

I'm really happy with how this yarn is turning out. I thought it was going to be too thick but it's actually shaping up to be just what I wanted it to be.

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