Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look What I Made!

Remember this?

I've only plied about half of it but I love it too much not to show it off yet. Excuse the crappy photos. My camera has gone on the fritz and only partially works and only when it wants to. Aggravating ... it's the last Sony digital camera I buy. That's two in a row that have lasted less than two years. I ordered a Canon A590 that was only $112 but gets very good reviews and supposedly takes better pictures than the Sony's I've had in the past. Watch this thing last me twice as long for less than half the price of the others. I looked into getting the Sony fixed but it was going to cost me $100 to get it fixed unless they got in there and found more wrong in which case it would cost me even more. No thanks! I'll take the brand new Canon for $112 and free shipping. I just hope it gets here soon because I have some sock knitting bags to ad to my Etsy shop. And speaking of Etsy, I have a graphic artist who is going to design some ads for me to place on Ravelry and she is working for yarn. Sweet!

In other news, The Yarn Harlot finally blogged about her trip to Jacksonville. Go check it out here. Look closely at the very first picture in the post to see yours truly. :)

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