Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eyes and Ears

My eye was bothering me over the weekend and when I woke up yesterday morning I knew I had to go to a doctor. Four hours, a walk-in clinic, four prescriptions and three hundred dollars later ... I have an eye and an ear infection. Sounds fun, huh? I'm the only one in the family lucky enough to have contracted this so the boys are at daycare, Brett's at work and i'm working from home today. I'll be considered no longer contagious around 2pm tomorrow ... 48 hours after starting treatment. The drugs were so expensive because I had to get the super-expensive, only-comes-in-name-brand drops for both my eye ($54) and my ear ($88) because i'm still nursing and am allergic to penicillan and sulfa drugs. It took the doctor and nurse almost 45 minutes of research (which i actually really appreciated) to find a treatment combination that would allow me to continue nursing and not break out in hives from head to toe. My ear has been bothering me off and on since last november so I was pretty sure it was infected. I've been healing it naturally but then it feels better and I forget about it so I forget to keep taking my natural regimine for the next two weeks to keep it from coming back. So i've basically had an ear infection of varying degrees for about ten months. Sounds fun, huh? I knew as soon as she put that "look in your ear thing" in there that it was going to be bad ... first by how badly it hurt compared to not feeling anything when she first looked in the good ear and second by her comment of "not so good" in a heavy accent of some sort. I figured since I was there I might as well take her up on some sort of drop to knock it out. Now had I known that little teeny tiny bottle of drops was going to cost $88 I might have stopped by the health food store first instead of filling that particular prescription. Oh well ... in the grand scheme of things $88 isn't that much to get rid of something that's been bothering me for so long. She told me to rest my eyes and not do any computer work for the next few days but with a bill like that and daycare to pay for who can afford to do that? I am following her rule of not going to the office though.

And on that note, my laptop is booted up and ready so off to work I go ....

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