Friday, September 14, 2007

Sock-a-long Progress

Not much progress to report since I had to rip out the second sock so many times that I lost count. It's established now though and I actually got to work on it for about thirty minutes last night before getting too tired to keep knitting. I've learned that hard way not to knit when I get really tired. Too many dropped stitches and such. Hopefully i'll be able to make some decent progress while watching football this weekend.

And here's the dress i'm knitting for Juliana, my cousin Eric's baby. Isn't it just the cutest? The part with the straps at the top is the front. I just have to add i-cord straps to the back side, seam it together and weave in the ends. I just love this pattern and plan to knit many more.

And speaking of Juliana .... here she is. Isn't she a cutie pie??? We got to see her for the first time when we went to Bradenton last weekend.

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