Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Question of the Day

Where were you September 11th, 2001? Leave your answer as a comment.

Where was I? I was waiting for Brett to get back from class so we could head to the airport. Yep, we had plane tickets on 9/11. Boeing was sending us on a house hunting trip because I was transfering to Johnson Space Center.


  1. We were in Boston (cambridge, I think) getting bagels, getting ready to drive to upstate New York and the guy at the bagel shop told us that a plane had hit one of the towers. We thought he was kidding until he told us to go to the Radio Shack down the street. I remember everyone standing around with their mouths open. All public transportation was free, we took the T back to where we were staying. I remember there was a girl sobbing, I hugged her. All the toll booths in Mass were free, though, oddly enough, not the ones in New York.

  2. I was in CA, had just moved there sometime in August. It was really early in the morning, I was still sleeping and someone from school called my cellphone and told me to turn on the TV because world war III was starting. It's weird living in NY now, because it's a much bigger part of the culture to remember 9-11.