Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I finally finished the bunny I was knitting for my cousin's baby shower. I actually finished it in the car in the parking lot outside of the baby shower. It turned out okay but I wish I didn't have to rush the finishing part. And I also wish I used a pattern that didn't require so much sewing. The arms and legs were fine, it was the head that was the problem and in the end it ended up being sewn on a little crooked. Unfortunately for the bunny, I didn't realize this until it was too late. Oh well. It's not as bad as it looks in the picture though ... the picture was taken at an angle I don't think the baby will mind all that much. I'm kicking myself though because when I was following the pattern and got to the end of the head I contemplated veering from the pattern a bit and making the head and body all one piece. Then I decided that I didn't have time to fool around so I figured I would stick with the pattern. Should have listened to myself. I used Bernat Soft & Chunky yarn which was okay, but there were parts of the yarn that were sort of ... fluffy, for lack of a better word. You can see this at the base of one of the ears. In the picture it acutally looks like I did a really bad job of sewing the ear on but that's actually how the yarn was at the bottom of the ear. I should have cut that part out but since there were other parts of the bunny that had that going on I thought it all kind of fit together. In hind sight, I think I was wrong.

In other crafty news ... I got my Secret Pal assignment. How fun!


  1. i love how you layed the bunny out before connecting all the parts totally cute.