Friday, March 02, 2007


Houston wore underwear all day long yesterday without having any accidents! (and i'm sure he would be thrilled that i'm blogging about this) After some reverse progress in potting training he has now decided that he is too big for his pull-ups and wants to wear underwear and use the potty all by himself. I'm so proud.
He also wants to pick out his clothes, dress himself and put on his shoes without anyone so much as touching anything to even think about helping him. He will firmly tell you "No, I do" and run away from you. And aside from occasionally having his shirt turned backwards, he does a really good job. I told him to make sure the tag of his pants is in the back and that was all he needed. He gets it right pretty much every time. His shirt sometimes gets turned around as he is trying to find the armholes but then he won't let me touch him to fix it. He even picks out matching colored tops and bottoms. Does this mean he will have good fashion sense later on? Hmmm...

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