Friday, March 16, 2007


We did some more thriftin' on wednesday and I scored some great stuff. I got the best buddha statue for only $3. He's so freakin' cute and he's going right in my living room. Got some clothes for the boys and some great vintage t's for me. And some Gap pants and another purse (that i don't really need... i think i have an addiction to hand bags).
Brody was no longer amused with our shopping adventures and was getting quite fussy. I wanted to try on some clothes so I let him play in my purse in the dressing room. He had a blast ... and made quite a mess. (note to the germaphobes out there ... yes, he is sitting on a not-so-clean dressing room floor in a thrift shop ... i know it looks kind of gross but it's good for kids to fight off germs and build up their immune systems)

1 comment:

  1. boo to germaphobes!!!
    a little dirt never hurt anyone
    btw, did you know that the 5 second rule has been scientifically proven!
    dr. rach :)