Friday, March 16, 2007

Some Family Fun

I had some of my cousins over to my moms house last night for some family fun. I have a lot of cousins which made family events growing up a lot of fun. Robby (Eric's brother) and Jay (Lindsay's brother) were missing as were our cousins that live in Connecticut but we had a pretty good group here. We had a good time talking about all the crazy stuff that went on when we were growing up. The girls have always been pretty tame but the guys have been anything but. And now that we're all grown up we have a good time laughing about it all.

top row left to right: Eric, Donny, Traye, Tommy (my brother)

bottom: me & Brody (obviously), Tai (Eric's wife), Missy & Houston, Carly (Traye's daughter) and Illana (Traye's step-daughter)top left to right: Eric, Donny, Traye

bottom: Tai, Carly, Me & Houston, Lindsay, Illana

Lindsay and I went to college together and have always been very close. She was in my wedding (see earlier post). She's more like a sister and friend than a cousin. We were up until 3:30 am last night! I wish we lived closer to eachother and could hang out more often. Eric and I went to school together and even graduated from high school together. His mom also watched me, along with he and his brother, when we were little ... until we were old enough for school. Traye and I were also very close growing up and I was in his wedding. He's the oldest of the florida cousins and i'm the third oldest, Robby falling in-between in age. There are seven Anderson kids (my aunts and uncles) and all of them except for one live here in the Bradenton-Sarasota area. It was fun growing up with such a big family. That's what makes me want to have more kids ... almost.

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  1. What a big family! I grew up as an only child and can only imagine what it must have been like for your crew. I bet you had all kinds of fun times!