Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Nice Evening

Brett came home to take care of the boys at 5 yesterday. I went to accupuncture and then straight to yoga after that. An hour of accupuncture and an hour and a half of yoga ... what a great evening of doing something for myself. I love it! My accupuncturist is sort of like a therapist too. He'll listen to just about anything I feel like rambling on about and I learn a whole lot from him. He recommended a new book to me called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. I'm going to stop at a bookstore on my way south tomorrow and see if I can find it. I'm up for some good reading material. I really liked his book "The Power of Now". If you haven't read it, I would highly recommend it.
And yoga was great, as usual, even though I haven't made it to class in way too long. Sharon, yoga teacher extroidinaire, had us do an advanced version of triangle pose where one hand is behind your back and the other hand goes through your legs from the front to the back and you clasp your hands together ... very much like a pretzel ... and apparently not many people could do it. After class, the woman that was next to me said "I about fell over when I saw you do that! How in the world did you do that?". I told her that i've been doing yoga for about ten years now. "Ohhhh", she said.
Brett and I have gotten away from my scheduled "mom time" with all the holiday craziness and beginning of the year work overload and last night reminded me of how much I need that. We talked about it and we're going back to sunday afternoons, so I can go to SnB in Gville, and wednesday evenings, so I can go to yoga and accupuncture. I could get used to that! :)

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