Friday, August 31, 2007

We Survived!

Well we survived our first two days of work/daycare. Houston had a blast and loves going to "school". He came home singing a song he learned there yesterday. That's fun stuff. They said he did great and was very well behaved but that he has a struggle with naptime. This didn't surprise me at all though because he almost never takes naps anymore. I'm sure he'll adjust. His teachers are really sweet and one of them lays with him during naptime until he falls asleep. I'm surprised they've gotten him to sleep both days. Brody is a completely different story. He is having a rough time of it. His second day was actually worse than his first. They said he kept doing the milk sign and crying all day. One of Houston's teachers from the three year old room had to go help in the one year old room because they were having such a hard time with Brody. He seemed to attach himself to her pretty well. She was holding him when I got there and wasn't crying. It's really great to see how all the ladies that work there are so great and loving with the kids. I'm so happy there are people out there to do that kind of thing. Brody likes to nurse all day when he's not feeling well and we're all coming down with a cold so I think that's part of the reason he was like that. We were supposed to go to Bradenton this weekend to visit my uncle but I can't very well go bringing sick germs into a chemo house. Hopefully we'll be able to go next weekend.

Brett dropped them off and picked them up on the first day and I did both on the second day. We're still trying to figure out the best way to go about this as i'm working in Live Oak for a while. I left my office at 5:00 yesterday and it took me until 5:50 to get to the daycare. I didn't know there was so much traffic in Lake City! Ha ha ... it's traffic for sure but it's nothing like Houston traffic ... now THAT'S traffic. The daycare is only about ten minutes from the Lake City office so it will be much easier once I get to work there.

The craziest thing happened yesterday ... I got there to pick up the kids and there was a really big boarded up hole and pile of cement blocks in front of the building. Somebody drove their car right into the daycare yesterday!!! Holy crap!!!! Amazingly, nobody was hurt. I asked Houston what happened and he said it was loud and then he made a siren noise and said a fire truck came. Gotta love something like that happening on the second day of daycare ever. Jeez.

As for me, I managed to make some progress at work. There's definitely a big learning curve but i'm happy with what i've figured out and learned so far. Especially since i'm pretty much training myself. It's going well though. I just have to remind myself that i'm not supposed to know all of this stuff already. I did manage to finish two wind loads and three energy reports so that was good. Now i'm learning shearwall design and designing a user-friendly spreadsheet that we can use to analyze them. I got a little stressed about this after I couldn't figure something out but I asked some questions and came up with a new plan of attack and I feel pretty good about what's left to do.

It was so nice to sleep in until 8 o'clock this morning. That getting up at 6:30 is going to take some getting used to as is staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day. Well that's it for me for today. The boys and I are going shopping. Houston got some birthday money that we're going to use to go buy him some clothes. And my Grandma Hearne sent him some money to be used on a toy so I think we're going to see if we can find a race track for his matchbox cars. I have some really cute pictures and videos of birthday fun that i'm going to upload probably on tuesday. Now that I have a superfast internet connection at work it seems silly to spend so much time waiting for dial-up at home. I'll probably post them during my lunch break on tuesday. Thanks for all the birthday gifts everyone ... I have thank you cards and pictures to get out in the mail from both birthdays this summer.


  1. i'm so glad everything is going well!
    dr. rachel says it's totally normal for brody to have that reaction and he's adjusting really well :P
    hopefully we can talk this weekend!

  2. Celena,
    Last week was my first work week too. Ruusa screamed her head off. And the second day was more hellish than the first. They were w/ my sis and Eelhard's mom. This week it'll just be grandma... Rauno's fine with it but Ruu's definitely transitioning. You're in my thoughts. Wish us luck.