Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yarn Without a Name

So this is my latest colorway. I love this one so much that i'm adding it to my own stash instead of selling it. I can repeat it so i'll definitely make more of these. For some reason I have a mental block about naming this one. Anyone have any ideas? Keep it celestial/space related. Maybe "Stardust"? Funny thing that i've been pondering this one for almost a week and as soon as I start to type this post a name comes to me. Hmm. I'll see if anyone else comes up with something better. Also, i'm going to use this yarn for the Snarktember Sockalong. If that doesn't make any sense to you, it will by early September. :) There's some other exciting crafty news brewing too but i'm not ready to tell you all just yet ... maybe next week.


  1. it remings me of the eye of jupiter for some reason.. :P
    it's beautiful!

  2. Not sure what the color is in real life, but on my screen it looks reddish, so I would name it after Mars, the red planet. Haven't come up with a really good name yet though...