Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm so mentally exhausted and frustrated right now. I got a call on Sunday while I was in the airport that my Uncle Ken, also my godfather, had been hospitalized. If you read this regularly then you'll remember he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Things were not looking good so I planned to drive down to say goodbye after my root canal the next day. So after not being able to sleep because of the pain after a loratab and about six advil as well as some children's ibuprofen (it was liquid so i thought it might kick start the meds) and crying myself through the night, I made it to my endodontist appointment, crying and exhausted.

Some background ... I had a root canal the week before on the tooth above this one which had a previous root canal only a year and four months before. Turns out the dentist that did the first root canal left a piece of a dental instrument in my tooth. That and he did not place the crown properly so it has been beating up on the tooth below it for over a year now. After the plane ride to Connecticut last Thursday my lower left tooth, jaw and ear were in extreme pain. I even had meds called in to a pharmacy up there. So the plane ride home on Sunday had me in tears. Went to the endodontist on Monday for her to fix the tooth and she could not get it numb. The tooth was so inflamed that she had everything but it numb. I was crying like a little baby. I actually felt her drill into my tooth!!!! It was a total nightmare. She filled the crown temporarily and sent me to the pharmacy to put me on Tylenol 3 with codene which prevents me from driving. So I was not able to make it to Bradenton to see my uncle. I went back to the endo this morning for round 2 of this root canal. Same problem, could not get it numb, feeling her drill into the root of my tooth.

So now i'm on round 4 of antibiotics plus alternating tylenol3 and ibuprofen every six hours and we are going to try again on tuesday in hopes that the tooth will have calmed a bit and they will be able to make it numb. If it doesn't work then we have to coordinate with an oral surgeon to put me under for the root canal.

And the worst part of it all? I got a phone call after my appointment today that my uncle passed away last night. I've never lost two family members in less than two weeks before. It's just awful.


  1. I'm so sorry Celena. I am sending you hugs.

  2. Oh, sweetie. Sweetie pie. I am crying for you.

  3. Crap. I hope you get a break soon, you deserve it. (((hugs)))

  4. Celena,

    I am so so very sorry to hear this. I am thinking about you . . .