Friday, March 14, 2008

A Little Silver Lining

My cousin Lindsay and I met Tim Tebow in the Jacksonville airport last week. He walked right up to the US Airways counter that I was standing at and I looked up and about choked. Holy crap! That's Tim Tebow!!! We were right behind him in the security line so I asked him if he minded if we took a picture with him. Cool, huh? He was really nice about it too. Poor guy can't go anywhere in peace anymore. And of course, since I thought i'll be traveling all day and i'm going up for a funeral, why bother doing my hair or wearing makeup. Sooooo ... my hair is a frizzy mess but that's okay because I HAVE A PICTURE WITH ME AND TIM TEBOW! How freakin' cool is that? :)

Tim Tebow

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  1. Now it would be really cool if it was Bobby Bowden.