Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yarn Sale Coming!

Funny thing ... I was working in the yard this morning thinking about the piano and I came up with a plan. (I can't stop thinking about the piano for some reason actually) Anyhow, I was thinking about all the yarn I own that I will probably not be able to use up in the next five years plus all the stuff in my Etsy shop (which I really haven't spent time with in the past six crazy-ass weeks) and I decided that I could probably sell enough of that stuff between an Etsy sale and eBay to cover the piano. I'm going to post on the Ravelry destash group too. So I hop on the computer to blog about it (cause that's what i do) and I have a comment from Lorena about the very same thing. Funny huh?

Sooo ... how much yarn and knitting things can I sell? Sounds like a challenge! Unfortunately I don't have any sock yarn blanks right now and those sell easily. I do have a couple of skeins of merino/silk sock weight yarn but no regular sock yarn. I also have quite a bit of commercial sock yarn that I will probably never use now that I dye my own. If I can work up to around 75% of the piano cost by Saturday then I'll buy it. Although I might call Bob (the man with the piano) and see if we can wait an extra week or so. He lives in Gainesville so we have to coordinate the meet-up in St. Augustine where the piano is.

I'm in serious spring cleaning mode right now and am rearranging the house in the process so this fits perfectly. Being the dork that I am, I have all the rooms planned out on paper so I can cross things off as I go through them. I'll have to reorder my list and move it to the craft room ASAP. This really is perfect though because I want to move all my craft stuff to my old office since we built the new office out back. Then the spare room/craft room will actually be a spare room where people can come and stay with us and not have to trip over yarn and knitting needles. I'll post the crafty stuff and yarn on my blog in case any of you knitters want first grabs.

And speaking of spring cleaning ... off I go ... :)

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