Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pattern Help

So I've been thinking of what I can do for my aunt. I think I want to knit her a prayer shawl. I'm going to look around on Ravelry when I get some time later tonight but in the mean time, if anyone has a suggestion for me i'm all ears. I've never knit a shawl before. I need it to be quick too. I'm thinking worsted weight in a lacey pattern that is easy to follow and where I don't have to keep looking at the pattern.

I'm having train nightmares ... I can only imagine what my aunt and cousins must be going through. I talked to another cousin last night and apparently she and her mom are having train nightmares too. If you read the news articles I linked to then you know that it wasn't an accident. I just can't even begin to make sense of this tragedy.


  1. (((more hugs)))

    Check Lion yarns' site. They have a lot of big & chunky (quick) shawl patterns.

  2. Yes, many hugs to you!

    Feather and fan patterns look nice on worsted (Or sport weight) shawls. They are simple to memorize, usually just one pattern row for every three rows of stockinette or so.