Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Help Finding Yarn

So that I don't proceed to spend the next four hours searching the internet and drooling over yarn I can't purchase ... I'm asking for help from the knitters out there. I'm participating in a group of knitters who are knitting (obviously) and sending socks to David Boreanz (sp?) who plays Seeley Booth on the show Bones. In the interest of time and actually finishing said socks, here are my requirements:

1. weight: either DK or Worsted (to speed things up)
2. content: wool/nylon blend or even better would be a cotton/wool/nylon blend and even better yet would be the last one with something stretchy thrown in ... cotton/wool/nylon/spandex type thing
3. color: must come in fun color options. he likes crazy socks so crazy socks he will get. some sort of self-patterning/self-striping/funky color thing that appears as i knit. no colorwork involved here as i tend not to finish those projects.
4. price: cheap! not so cheap that my hours of knitting will be lost when the socks fall apart but also no pricey hand-dyed or big name label. good stuff that's on sale somewhere would be cool too.
5. washability: yep ... superwash if there is wool involved. no hand wash only please.


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  1. Lion Brand Magic Stripes

    you can still find it on Ebay

    marie in gainesville