Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Zooted Dog

Well Mowgli hasn't yelped in pain once since she's been on her meds. She's pretty well zooted as you can probably see in this picture. She seems happy and is eating well and even ran around a bit with the other dogs last night. I could tell she was holding back from her usual antics but it was good to see her moving around that much. She was even able to jump up on the couch pretty easily and without yelping in pain. She's on a muscle relaxer three times a day, pain pill twice a day and steroid once a day so I'm sure she's not feeling much of anything right now. She's comfortable though so I'm happy. :)

And just a side note ... one of the best things about working from home and for myself is that I have her sleeping right here at my feet. She can tell when it's time to head to the office for the day after I get back from dropping the kids off at daycare. She heads to the office and assumes her spot for the day.

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