Saturday, May 10, 2008

To Shake or Not To Shake ....

Every time I have pancakes for breakfast I end up with the shakes about an hour later. I have to eat some sugar to make it stop. So ... guess what we're having for breakfast this morning? Yep ... pancakes. And I have my handy little stab-myself-to-check-my-sugar device waiting. If I get the shakes and test below 70 then it looks like I have reactive hypoglycemia. My paternal grandmother has hypoglycemia so it wouldn't be out of left field by any means.

Off to make some pancakes ....

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  1. Hey Celena, the next time that you go to have pancakes, try to use the sugar free syrup and see if it does the same thing. That will tell you whether you are hypoglycemic or not. What you may be doing is spiking your blood sugar with the sugar from the syrup and not having anything to eat before that. In turn, after you body metabolizes the sugar, it causes your blood sugar level to crash. When you get the shakes again, try driking some OJ or eating a peanut butter sandwich, or something that has some kind of protein in it. Believe me, it is not fun when your blood sugar is low. Chris has the same problem. He keeps his at bay with regular intervals of eating small meals and watching the sugar content in his food. Maybe you should try this. Instead of eating three big healty meals, try some small meals throughout the day and see if that helps. I know it does with Chris. Talk to you soon. Kim