Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update on Tommy

So my brother is still in the hospital. The infection in his thigh and calf seem to be healing well but his foot is not. They are doing an MRI of his foot, hopefully today, to see if the infection got in to his bone. Then they are going to wrap his foot real tight to attempt to push the infection up into his leg in hopes this will help his body heal it. He's been moved several times and there's been a lot of drama involved (go figure) but he seems to be in a better spot in the hospital right now. They did an MRI of his head because of the massive headache he had and apparently that came out clear. They changed his meds a bit once they were finally told about the suboxin (long story that i'm NOT blogging about) and his headache got better. That's all we really know right now. I know family is checking here to find out more so I will post again when I hear anything new.

If anyone wants to call him he's at Arlington Memorial Hospital in Arlington Texas, room 5022.

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