Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So ...

... the lab had an "unfortunate incident" which rendered my blood unusable for finishing the tests they were running. We got some results back but not all and I had to go back to the lab yesterday for another blood draw so they can try it again. But the good news is that from what the doc was able to see, he doesn't think I have RA or Lupus but we're still waiting for the ANA results to see if my immune system is attacking my body or not. I'm supposed to call him in a week to get the results. My TSH was fine but no T3 or T4 results and somehow we had a miscommunication or something in that he did not re-order those tests. He's as baffled by my rash as the rest of the docs who have seen it. (maybe the allergist will have a clue) He wants me to stick with my orthopedic surgeon for my ankles and get a family doctor to keep an eye on my blood sugar and my thyroid. I probably need to move on to the next option with my ankles which is steroid injections under x-ray. Sounds fun, no?

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  1. did your doc do a sed rate blood test?that will tell you if you have RA.I`ve had RA for years & I`m 53.Now I have other types of arthitis too.I too had a rash,but now don`t have any,it was unexplained tho I KNOW it had something to do with the RA.I came upon your blog while looking for spinning wheels.phylliso