Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some Knitting Content

Because I know there hasn't been a lot of that around here lately. I have been knitting though. First we have the log cabin baby blanket for my niece who will probably be walking before I get this thing finished. I modified the pattern a bit and I think I ended up making it too narrow. I could fix that by adding one more strip of the lightest purple yarn at the top. Problem is that I don't have much of that color left. I do have plenty of the second lightest purple. Should I just use that and have it change order right at the end? Would it stand out? Would it matter? I just don't know. If Hanks were right around the corner and I could run in and see if they had one more ball of this color then it wouldn't be a problem. Also, had I kept track of which color was which (they are numbered, not named, the colors I have are something like 6, 7, 8 and 21 but I don't know what is what) then I could call them up and ask. But ... I don't know what i'm asking for! I could also just do a narrow strip of the light purple with what I have and call it done. Then there's the "wrong side" issue. I don't like a blanket having a "wrong side". Just doesn't seem right. I had thought of sewing some fabric to the back side but wasn't sure how exactly to execute that plan. Then I saw Sharon's comments on her ravelry page about sewing fabric on the back and doing a quilt tie thing. I just might have to copy that great idea. This also means I have to find coordinating fabric which will delay the blanket even more. Hmmm ...

And then we have another Mae Day Dress. It amazes me that only ten people on Ravelry have knit this pattern. It's so freaking cute I almost can't stand it. I made one in pink but took so long to do the finishing (seaming) that the baby I knit it for grew up. Go figure. So I finished that one for Simone and started a new one for the originally planned recipient in one size too big so that she can actually wear it when I finish it. I also modified the pattern to knit in the round this time so that I don't have to do the seaming at all. Yay! I'm using the yarn called for in the pattern this time around too which I am totally in love with. It's Vickie Howell's Craft by South West Trading Company. It's made with organic cotton and milk fiber and it's so so very soft and lovely.

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  1. I love this pattern to and love the purple color that you are using. I think when I do this pattern again I am going to add more rows of the smocking stitches. It is to cute and I think I am even going to start adding some of that pattern to other things..

    Also with the blanket, babies love satin, so you could go with a simple purple satin to the back of it..

    Good luck I am sure what ever you decide on will be fine you are talented.