Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fun Birthday Weekend

Brody & Houston ready to go watch fireworks

We headed down to Bradenton for my birthday weekend. My cousin Matt and his fiance Karla and her parents as well as my cousin Lindsay all came into town as well. It was really great to see everyone. We watched fireworks on Friday, my mom had a gathering at her house on Saturday which also happened to be my birthday and then we hung out at the pool on Sunday before heading out to the beach for dinner. We actually managed to have nine of the eleven living Anderson cousins there on Saturday. I think it might be the biggest number of us together in a really long time.

Lindsay, Matt & Me

Back row left to right: Tommy (my brother), Donny, Traye, Matt
Front: Eric, Missy, Me, Lindsay, Robbie
Missing is Jay (Lindsay's brother) and Kevin (Matt's brother) as well as the two cousins we have already lost, Carl & Stacey (Matt & Kevin's brother and sister)

So you think that's a crew ... check it out when we add significant others and kids ...

And I must say, we make some pretty darn cute kids in this family. :)

Brody & Juliana

Houston, Austin, Brody & Juliana

Brody, Austin, Houston, Carly, Juliana, Alana

And here's Aunt Lori, Lindsay, Me & Karla at dinner on sunday

Matt & Karla