Monday, July 21, 2008

Movin' On

Today is Houston and Brody's first day at their new daycare. We were driving 28 miles each day with the old daycare. It was convenient when we worked at G_ _ but now that we work from home and gas is over $4/gal it has gotten expensive and much less convenient. I was really hoping for something to pop up and present itself. And then guess what happened .... an in-home daycare literally popped up right down the road. I'm talking less than a mile away. I was a bit hesitant about it but after visiting and talking to the owner several times we decided to go for it. The boys did really well this morning and I think they are going to like it there. Houston will only be there until he starts The Blake School in about six weeks but Brody will be there, hopefully, until next September when he is old enough to start The Blake School. I'm anxiously awaiting picking them up in about an hour to see how their day went.

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