Monday, April 07, 2008

Curious Minds

A conversation in the shower yesterday ...

H: Mama, are these ant bites? (as he points to his nipples)
Me: No honey, those aren't ant bites.
H: What are they?
Me: Those are nipples.
H: They make mamas milk for babies?
Me: No honey, only mamas make mamas milk.
H: Why?
Me: That's just the way it is.
H: Well what are they for then?
Me: Well honey, that's a very good question.
H: Why?
Me: I'll have to think about it and get back to you.
H: Why?

Seriously ... what am I supposed to tell the child???


  1. Wait until he notices you don't have a pee-pee! I loved that conversation!


  2. So boys don't feel left out?


    Seriously, with two little boys myself, I can't figure out how I have managed to escape this very conversation!

  3. Maybe you could just say that most mammals have them, but that they are only functional for mama mammals who nurse their young? There is a book out there called "Why do men have nipples?" that you might be able to find at the library?

  4. You could always tell him that God made it where both boys and girls have them but only girls will give the milk needed for babies. If he asks you why again. Tell him to go ask his daddy.