Tuesday, April 22, 2008

School Visit

Brett and I had our interview at The Blake School yesterday. We were there for two full hours and we both just loved it. It is, honestly, exactly what I want for my children. I'm so excited and sooo looking forward to bringing my boys up through this school. I have so many wonderful thoughts swimming through my head right now that I can't even settle on one to write about. It's a Montessori school with approx. 125 students. It was just great. We saw every room, every teacher and every student. I'm all excited just thinking about it all over again. :) Houston will start this fall with the next school year and Brody will start the year after. They start at age 3 and go all the way up through high school graduation. They have 100% of their seniors accepted to the school/college/university of their choice. They have music, art, sports, drama, etc.

I went to a private Montessori school through the 3rd grade myself. I think it's a wonderful method and I really attribute those early years with my continued success in school. I was having flashbacks while we were touring the school seeing the wooden shelves that lined the rooms with all the learning materials on them. (if you went to a Montessori school then you know what i'm talking about better than i can explain it) I'm a very visual person so learning math with algebricks was probably what set me up to be so good with numbers. Everything has a tactile and visual part to it. It's just great stuff .... I can't say it enough.

And one of the most impressive things was that there was not a single child in that entire school that was not completely into what they were doing. Nobody was acting up or goofing off. Not one. You could tell all the kids really loved their teachers too and they were all excited to see us and to say hi and to tell us how much they like it there. Houston gets to go spend a day there sometime soon and hang out in the primary cluster. I really think he's going to love it. :)

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  1. wow. that looks nice. is there a gainesville counterpart?