Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yay! & Ugh!

Let's start with the "Yay!": It's piano day! :) I can hardly wait until 5 o'clock!

Now for the "Ugh!": Had another root canal today ... 3rd of 3 scheduled and would you believe that the dentist that did this root canal ten years ago also left part of a dental instrument in my tooth!!?!??!? That's 2 different teeth, two different dentists. And this one is so badly lodged down in the canal that my endodontist was not able to get around it so I will probably have to have surgery on this one. The infection is actually centered around this canal ... wouldn't you know it. And last week the other tooth with the dental instrument in it flared up again (back on antibiotics) so I probably have to have surgery on it as well. We're talking a total of $6375 worth of dental work in just over a month. And they only finance for 6 months so that's over a $1000 per month. Yikes! Where exactly did I go wrong? Did I somehow anger the dental gods or something? Jeez! I'm going to an earn, nose and throat guy tomorrow just to make sure there is nothing going on there that is contributing to my teeth issues ... well that and I have some issues with my ears along with the teeth ... which apparently is not uncommon. Seriously though, I'm tired of having pain in my ears and of feeling like I have a cotton ball shoved down my left ear canal! Apparently the roots of the top two trouble teeth are sticking into my sinuses so that should add for some extra fun with the surgery. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Okay ... back to work I go. Got dental bills to pay.


  1. Leaving a dental instrument in your mouth is unacceptable! You really need to sue that dentist.



  2. I agree with Erika. They should be more careful when dealing with a patient. Is the dentists still in business? If so, I would approach both of them and ask which one of them is going to pay for the surgery, if not both.