Friday, April 04, 2008

i really need to get back to spring cleaning. i've become obsessed with this piano thing. forums are addictive. you just have to check this out though ... especially if you like cats. :)

eta: more about the piano playing cat here

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  1. Hi Celena,

    This is Jeanette Roorda. I couldn't remember exactly what your e-mail address was, so I did a general search on yahoo and a link came up for this site. It was nice to get to see you, Brett, & your boys in G'ville. Before I forget - my e-mail address is:
    Definitely let us know of any alumni football get togethers (or any other type). I noticed on your blog that you are interested in learning to play the piano. My mom is a piano teacher and we use to live in G'ville. I know she still keeps in touch with other pianists in G'ville and travels there for music competitions. If you have any questions, want a recommendation for a piano tuner, or anything else you can think of let me know and I'll see what I can find out for you. I can also see if she has any old lesson books that she is getting rid of (she has a library of books and replaces them if they get too worn; also she sometimes get free samples from publishers that she decides not to use).

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend,